COURSE DESCRIPTION A study of the basic literary features, historical background, and the theological significance of Genesis through Kings, with attention also to the origin of the Old Testament canon. Concern for the ministry of preaching and teaching will guide lectures, discussions, and class requirements.

 The mission of the church to “present everyone perfect in Christ” (Colossians 1:28) is the focus of this course. The characteristics, gifts, skills, and abilities necessary to guide others and self into spiritual maturity will be discussed. The student will be able to describe the various aspects of Christian discipleship. The student will be able to design an effective program for discipling and mentoring others.

COURSE DESCRIPTION A study of the world of the New Testament (Jewish and Greco-Roman backgrounds), basic literary features, and theological significance of Matthew through Acts and the origin of the New Testament canon. A concern for preaching, teaching, and Christian living will guide lectures, discussions and requirements.