In this course, the student will focus on the period of the Patristic period to the Middle Ages. Emphasis will be given to doctrines relevant to the Christian traditions of the countries where the students come from. It approaches the subjects historically as well as topically, and sets the development of the various doctrines in the context of the life of the church in the first five centuries of its existence.

The course intends to introduce students to effective study and research methodologies, engage them in a process of theological reflection on ministry, and help develop lifelong learning skills that will benefit them in Christian leadership contexts. The course will enable students to successfully pursue studies at the TCMI Institute as well as introduce the Revised Ministry Portfolio and all aspects associated with it. This course is required of all MA and Certificate students and should be taken during the first quarter of their studies.

This course is a study of the religious cults and new religious movements, their origins, history, nature, and worldviews. The course will seek to understand the appeal of cults, how they often cloak themselves in biblical and contemporary terminology and where they differ from historic Christianity’s worldview. The intent of the course is to equip Christians to recognize and respond appropriately to the cults as they complete with mainstream Christianity for the allegiance of people.