In this course, the student will focus on the development of Christian theology. The present course will cover developments starting with the end of the New Testament period and until the Great Schism. A special focus will be on the period of the Church Ecumenical Councils and on the theology developed in the Patristic period (during the first five centuries). Emphasis shall be given to those doctrines that have an important impact in theology in general and also to those that are of particular significance for the religious backgrounds of the students.
Course Description

This course is designed to develop a sound theological understanding for developing Christian-ethical perspectives in the changing issues of personal and social life in the contemporary world. Special methodological emphasis will be given to ethical reasoning and its philosophical presuppositions, including contemporary ethics of virtuous character and community. Christian particularity of moral reasoning will be seen in following Jesus as the Lord over all as well as guidance of the Holy Scriptures as the authoritative text in the life and conscience of Christian communities.