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This course will focus on the development of Christian theology and doctrines from the period of the Protestant Reformation (sixteenth century) to the present. Emphasis shall be given to those doctrines that are of particular significance to the religious orientation of the student.

In this course, the student will focus on the period of the Patristic period to the Middle Ages. Emphasis will be given to doctrines relevant to the Christian traditions of the countries where the students come from. It approaches the subjects historically as well as topically, and sets the development of the various doctrines in the context of the life of the church in the first five centuries of its existence.


Welcome! This course is designed to develop a sound theological understanding for developing Christian-ethical perspectives in changing issues of personal and social life in contemporary world. Special methodological emphasis will be given to ethical reasoning and its philosophical presuppositions, including contemporary ethics of virtuous character and community. Christian particularity of moral reasoning will be seen in following Jesus as the Lord over all as well as guidance of the Holy Scriptures as the authoritative text in the life and conscience of Christian communities.

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This course will train students to be thoughtful, equipped and passionate evangelists. Students will understand and use biblical principles and methods for outreach. Emphasis is placed on having a deep desire to reach the lost for Christ. Personal, relational and corporate evangelism in addition to motivating and training the local church will be considered.