An examination of the principles of interpreting the Bible.Special focus is made on particular issues related to the different genres of literature in the Bible. Examples of these principles from each of the genres are discussed. Practical experience in interpretation and hermeneutics is provided.

Through an examination of the Biblical, theological, historical and cultural perspectives on worship, this course seeks to help the student develop the analytical and practical skills to lead in the experience of worship, giving proper attention to content, structure and style. Attention is also given to the practice of private worship, and the cultivation of an inner life of devotion and praise.

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will help to equip the student to understand the nature and purpose of the Church within the larger Mission of God. This will occur through a thorough discussion of biblical and contemporary literature. A theology of the Mission of the Church, specifically in the areas of congregational health and evangelism will be developed. From this theology, practical strategies will be identified and evaluated so that the student is prepared to create and lead a Missional congregation.

COURSE DESCRIPTION The purpose of this class is to develop an underlying theology of young children and children’s ministry, to examine in some detail the developmental stages of young children and children and the issues those stages present, and to present a creative strategy for teaching these age groups.