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This course will address the theological necessity of engaging the Old Testament in the church’s ministry of preaching and teaching and the concrete challenges of doing so effectively. Particular attention will be given to reflective engagement with the complex set of hermeneutical issues, which Christian teachers and preachers face when engaging the Old Testament and how a sophisticated understanding of the Old Testament’s various literary genres assists/helps/aids the teacher or preacher in communicating ways that are faithful to the original contexts and relevant to contemporary audiences.

This course makes an examination of the theology and function of ministry in light of Biblical teaching. The theme of servanthood runs through the course, with associated issues such as the facilitation of others to serve and the development of leadership skills – all in relation to a local congregation.


This course gives an examination of key methodological principles and approaches to interpreting Scripture in the past and in the present. The historical, literary and theological aspects involved in the process of studying, interpreting and applying the Scripture will be presented and integrated into a biblical theology perspective. The center of this theology is Jesus Christ who is both the subject matter and the model Spirit-led interpreter of the inspired Scripture. Special focus is made on the particular issues relating to the authorial intent, literal sense, different genres of literature in the Bible as well as on the interpretation of the Old Testament texts in the New Testament. The course invites students to reflect on the role of tradition and identity of the interpreting community that attempts to incarnate the unchanging Gospel message in the fast changing cultures of the world in light of the Kingdom coming. Practical experience in interpretation and hermeneutics is provided.


This course seeks to help the student develop a biblical/theological foundation for leadership and management. The student will study the role of biblical and contemporary Christian leaders. The student will then translate that theology of ministry into practical applications of Christian leadership for his/her ministry.