The course intends to introduce students to effective study and research methodologies, engage them in a process of theological reflection on ministry, and help develop lifelong learning skills that will benefit them in Christian leadership contexts. The course will enable students to successfully pursue studies at the TCMI Institute as well as introduce the Revised Ministry Portfolio and all aspects associated with it. This course is required of all MA and Certificate students and should be taken during the first quarter of their studies.

Replacement imageThis course is a study of the principles of preaching as they relate to rationale, context, content, structure, style, and the delivery of sermons.
Replacement image COURSE DESCRIPTION:

In this course, the student will focus on issues that face Christians in the modern world. Emphasis will be given to the need to develop critical thinking when trying to understand the current themes of reflection from a theological perspective. The importance of the context when engaging in the discussion will be evaluated from the perspective of maintaining a Biblical perspective on the issues approached. Another contributing factor to the reflection comes from understanding the historical perspective that places the discussion in the context of the life of the church through the ages.
This class examines principles for the systematic development of leadership skills—both one’s own leadership and that of potential leaders within the congregation. Pastoral ethics, leadership selection, time management, developing strategic planning, tactical planning, conflict-resolution skills, planning and conducting profitable meetings, functioning as a change agent. Vision casting, critical leadership issues for the local church, and developing a leadership culture in the church are the major areas of emphasis in this class.