Replacement image COURSE DESCRIPTION The purpose of this course is to develop an underlying theology of the use of groups in the church or a para-church organization to enhance life together, as well as how to implement and lead groups
COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is a study of the world of the New Testament, how to exegete the New Testament, how to comprehend basic literary features, and how to understand the theological significance and origin of the New Testament. A concern for preaching, teaching, and Christian living will guide lectures, discussions and requirements

A detailed consideration of God’s and Israel’s mission, as portrayed in the Old Testament and as understood within the geographical, historical, religious, philosophical and political climate of that time. This course may be taken as a substitution for the BS 515 Introduction to the Old Testament Studies requirement, and as a practical theology elective in Mission and Intercultural studies.

A study of basic Greek study tools to assist the minister/teacher in lesson and sermon preparation.