The mission of the church to “present everyone perfect in Christ” (Colossians 1:28) is the focus of this class.  The characteristics, gifts, skills, and abilities necessary to guide others into spiritual maturity will be discussed.  The student will be able to describe the various aspects of discipleship.  The student will be able to design an effective program for discipling others.


 An examination of the biblical and theological principles of Christian prayer and their application in life and ministry.  
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A detailed consideration of the mission in the New Testament: Jesus and the Twelve and Paul and associates as portrayed in the Gospels and Acts - all understood within the geographical, historical, religious, philosophical and political climate of the first century. This course may be taken as a substitution for the New Testament 1 requirement, and as a New Testament elective, or as a practical theology elective in Evangelism and Church Health.

Through an examination of the Biblical, theological, historical and cultural perspectives on worship, this course seeks to help the student develop the analytical and practical skills to lead in the experience of worship, giving proper attention to content, structure and style. Attention is also given to the practice of private worship, and the cultivation of an inner life of devotion and praise.