This course will examine global youth culture trends. Topics will include becoming familiar with the influences of sub-cultures which sometimes create social constructs. The definitions of "youth" will be examined from adolescence through to emerging adulthood. Historical and generational influence will also be considered, in addition to the influence of the family, religion, education, state, technology and the market economy. The course includes a reflection and historical analysis of several social aspects society that influences youth culture. Using this information, future trends in youth culture in the 21st century will assist in determining what to concentrate on in the future. A vital part of the course will be to connect with a theological reflection on the strategic role that the church and faith communities may have in developing strategies for youth workers and churches who wish to follow Jesus through faithful and informed youth ministry during these complicated times.

COURSE DESCRIPTION A study of the basic literary features, historical background, and the theological significance of Genesis through Kings, with attention also to the origin of the Old Testament canon. Concern for the ministry of preaching and teaching will guide lectures, discussions, and class requirements.
COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this course of applied ethics, attention will be given to specific ethical problems by which someone in the pastorate might be confronted. Very often the pastor/counselor takes the role of a moral consultant giving advice in the middle of a moral controversy. The student will be trained to apply the methods of moral reasoning thought in this basic Christian ethics course. The course also integrates ethics with pastoral ministry and counseling. Different contemporary issues such as infertility, abortion, euthanasia, divorce and remarriage as well as professional integrity of pastoral life will be discussed.

COURSE DESCRIPTION. This course investigates the principles, procedures, and practices of effective Christian communication. It focuses on the life of the Master teacher, the modern day teacher, methods of presentation, faithfulness to the Scripture being taught and relevant application of that Scripture to contemporary life. (This course may be used for Evangelism and Church Health or Christian Preaching as well as Christian Formation concentration).