Replacement image DESCRIEREA CURSULUI Acest curs va echipa studenții să exceleze ca lideri slujitori în mediu creștin. Cursul este construit în jurul a trei trăsături esențiale a conducerii bisericești și parabisericești. 1) descoperirea Liderului 2) descoperirea si dezvoltarea liderului și 3) descoperirea și dezvoltarea altor lideri.

This course will focus on the processes of family growth and development as they relate particularly to the local church. Special attention will be paid to the church’s responsibility for strengthening its family, and the process of socialization will be integrated into a practical, working model for the local church. The course is designed to provide the student with a theological basis for a ministry to the family, as well as a strategy for intervention into the family as a system based on these theological concepts. Particular attention will be given to the place of the church in a counseling or corrective ministry to families and to the role of the minister in that intervention. (May be used for the Christian Formation and Christian Counseling concentrations.)

This course will focus on the development of Christian theology and doctrines from the period of the Protestant Reformation (sixteenth century) to the present. Emphasis shall be given to those doctrines that are of particular significance to the religious orien-tation of the student.

The course intends to introduce students to effective study and research methodologies, engage them in a process of theological reflection on ministry, and help develop lifelong learning skills that will benefit them in Christian leadership contexts. The course will enable students to successfully pursue studies at the TCMI Institute as well as introduce the Revised Ministry Portfolio and all aspects associated with it. This course is required of all MA and Certificate students and should be taken during the first quarter of their studies.